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Watch Warcraft Online Free Yesterday I went, finally, to see Warcraft: The Beginning. You will say: How that “finally”? That made début on Friday, it tires, that has spent not even one week. Very well, to say to you that, for me, and for so many people others, the premiere of the Warcraft movie of Blizzard is the whole historical event of the industry of the movies and of the video game. If I was not sitting in an armchair opposite to a big screen last 3rd it is because it me was having to work until eleven o’clock in the night. If not, another rooster would sing.

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But here I am, thank you I give – the one who understands this reference takes a minipoint – and I went yesterday to see it. I have managed to stay completely foreign of any comment, criticism, article or spoiler related to the movie, so I came to the room 9 of the movies of Pious Prince completely naked. It is an expression. In fact, it was taking a skirt, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky a few stockings, and a unicorns T-shirt. It of the nakedness it means that I came to the movies without knowing what was going to find me, without allowing me to influence for absolutely not at all beyond the tráiler. On this one, the only thing that I can say, as soon as the work was seen, is that something completely different was waiting for me. Nevertheless, before beginning speaking thoroughly, I will leave a paragraph within reach of all those that have not seen the movie yet and they are deciding to wear out the money or not:

Warcraft: The Beginning is, first of all, a movie of epic fantasy. As such, any lover of the genre, of the special effects and of sceneries that remove the respiration, will enjoy the work directed by Duncan Jones. For those who are afraid that ésto is not a good adaptation of the immense universe of Warcraft, do not be afraid. It is not so bad as the haters say. King Magni Bronzebeard (Michael Adamthwaite) Moreover, I can make sure that I have enjoyed it, that it is replete with details for the most fanatical and that it has painted the portrait to the perfection of most of the locations of Azeroth. Yes, it has some mistakes and it is not also the peliculón of the year, but if you ask me for: “is it worth going to the movies?” I answer you, undoubtedly: Yes, he is worth paying for this.

From here, we are going to center on the fact that you have already seen the movie, therefore I proceed to comment more or less on everything what does of this movie part of Blizzard. Durotan (Toby Kebbell) And everything what not. I am going to revise, first, the main personages of the history, to see if really they are obtained or not, if there have been foul-ups chungos or what milk have spent, although I say already that the adaptation has been very correct, inside what it fits.

The “main” protagonist is an Anduin Lothar, who to more fans yes they will sound, while to others rather not and, in a moment of the movie, they even will make a mistake. And the fact is that Lothar one calls him during the whole length, except in two occasions in which the King calls it Anduin. Certainly, someone went so far as to think that it was a question of the same Anduin that they know for Hearthstone and little more. But not. Sir Anduin Lothar is a warrior of Azeroth, the big leader of the army of the human race in the First one and the Second War. Main person in charge of the creation of the Alliance, in the movie has had his portrait painted him like a charismatic young man, but with a lot of self-confidence. In general, it is a good representation of the big hero of the Alliance, although it has its moments. For example, the death of its son seems to affect his little, thanks to the decision to put just later a scene of Garonne putting neck. About Garonne I will speak now, not without earlier saying that what less I have liked of Lothar has been the performance of Travis Fimmel, which remains a little slack.

The first time that I listened that thing about to “semi-orc“ I took the hands to the head because he did not know how that was going to fit. I must say that I did not read scarcely anything about Travis Fimmel the movie, and did not see anything beyond the tráiler. For it, I sighed, relieved, when I discovered that the half-breed was not different that Garonne, the Teacher of the League of Killers. Semi-orc, semi-draenei, its birth was designed by Gul’dan (who, certainly, is the most obtained personage of all), something that also is seen more or less in the movie. The small blunder of the movie: the mother of Garonne is Draenei, not orc, as it is said in the movie. The emissary of the Horde expires with the expectations, unless its love story should have been with Medivh, not with Lothar, and this looks like to me a big mistake (hence, in the tráiler, it was not capable of identifying it). To force a love story that loads something so important as is the relation of the Guard with Garonne it looks like to me a disrespect.

Khadgar is, undoubtedly, whom more I surprise. The wizard is in Warcraft: The Beginning a promising young man who escapes of the educations of Kirin Tor, but the only one capable of realizing from what it was going on. As in the original history, he is who discovers the Medivh treachery, turning into the only one capable of conquering the Guard of Tirisfal. I must say, since I speak about the magician, that the charm is much obtained, that the lights game remains brilliant and the moment sheep is wonderful.

The one who more has disappointed me has been Durotan, head of the Clan Icy Wolf. He changes its history enough into the movie, nevertheless, and Draka is a perfect couple. They show the worry for the Gul’dan acts, but the form that Durotan has of trying to do something does not stop fitting. With the annihilation of its clan, the human beings remain alone against the orcos, while the tráiler was showing certain collaboration of some with others. Certainly, for whom he does not know it, the son of this couple, Go’el, is Thrall. I say it because there were the people in the movies wondering that who was. What friki am I.

On having faced us to something like Warcraft, the problem is that there is much that to count and a little time. Fortunately, in contrast to what the haters mean, the script, simply, it achieves that everybody finds out about what happens, even although nothing is known absolutely about this universe. This way, sew like Kirin Tor or the traditions orcs are assimilated by the public with the simple-mindedness of the one who affirms that the sky is blue and there is not any more that to speak. That, my friends, seems worth to me of an applause. And in my movies room it was after finishing the movie, as if of a plane it was talking each other.

Warcraft: The Beginning has been able to adapt and prove to be Azeroth with mastery, inside its simplicity, and has brought to us the most perfect Ventormenta, the most perfect representation of the orcos, everything is and is as it has to be and to be. Yes, there are many things that are missing, and others that are not as tell us, but they do not bother in excess (except it of the frustrated love story, eye cuidao) and they help the public foreign to adapt himself. It is a question of a work easily disfrutable for all kinds of public, be a follower or not of this universe.

The small details dedicated to more gamers, are those who do not allow to you to hate anything of the movie. The charm that turns the soldier into sheep, the múrloc in the river, the bar, the languages, the children detallitos of the game hidden and up to the banner of the duel (this one details was the one that more I liked), there are small things that make you meet to him on the elbow to of nearby and smile like an idiot because, you want or not it, you have grown with Warcraft and this one it was your moment.

Ahead a big challenge stays. The way is opened for a vast world full of histories to be counted. We might say that Warcraft: The Beginning has been the pilot chapter. There will be to the one whom there likes and who not, but with what it has collected in less than one week I believe that the numbers speak themselves. For what we can only wait is for the next thing for that they will bring us, and I am sure that the errors will polish off and the details will be spoiled, because if some rebosa in this movie is the fondness of those that have made it possible. And yes, these things are evident.